JCGrid includes the POVRay support as an example of real-world application. Thanks to JCGrid, you can use as many Workstations/PCs/Macs as you like for the rendering of a single image or animation. It doesn't require a any patch for POVRay and it works running POVRay like an external command. Any file required for the rendering is transferred between the nodes of the grid by JCGrid. Once you have setup a JCGrid, it can be used by many users even at the same time. You can look at a POVRay JCGrid like a rendering service. Check the demos page for some interesting performance comparison.

Since version 0.03, the POVRay support includes a GUI client.

Since version 0.04, you can split not only the rendering of a single image but also the rendering of animations over the Grid.

Know bugs and problems

Any radiosity image rendered with JCGrid will look blocky beacuse POVRay radiosity support uses a temporary file to cache results.