MandelGrid is a demonstration of a public grid with anonymous users for rendering Mandelbrot set. You can join to the computing grid by downloading the client available in this page or in the sources. It is available directly from this page by using java WebStart. WebStart technology is now included in Java plug-in.

MandelGrid is a simple application you can use to explore the Mandelbrot set by using the computational resources available on the public grid network. Anyone can join to the grid and share his CPU time.

The server of MandelGrid is a very old Linux PC with a PentiumII@233MHz, 128MB located at my home (under the TV :-) and connected to Internet with a 1600Kbs download/512Kbs upload ADSL. The performances of the server and the available bandwidth can reduce the performances of the MandelGrid in many cases. Anyway, it is still an interesting demo.

Try MandelGrid.