(Java Grid Computing)


JCGrid is an easy-to-use tools for real-world grid-computing. It requires only to install Java Runtime. It doesn't require any OS specific setup (works on any platform thanks to Java). It doesn't require too any file system sharing capability (i.e. NFS, etc). You can easy split your cpu-intensive task among several Workstations/PCs/Macs/etc by using the JCGrid framework. Any file required for completing the task will be transferred by the framework. A cache is used in order to minimize file transfers. You can easy add or remove Workstations/PCs/Macs from the grid at runtime without the loose of any work. It includes the support for POVRay as an example of use. A demonstration of a public grid with anonymous users for rendering Mandelbrot set is included too.


David Bucciarelli – Pisa (Italy) – I'm the author of the first public release of the JCGrid.

JCGrid includes some package downloadable from Internet:

CLI: Command Line Interface – written by Bob Mcwhirter, Peter Donald, John Keyes.

Log4J – written by Mathias Bogaert, James P. Cakalic, Paul Glezen, Ceki Gülcü, Jacob Kjome, Anders Kristensen, Jim Moore, Yoav Shapira, Jon Skeet, Paul Smith, Chris Taylor, Mark Womack.

plants.pov – written by Friedrich A. Lohmueller and Tsutomu HIGO.

spiral.pov – written by Friedrich A. Lohmueller.

benchmark.pov – written by Christoph Hormann, Ingo Janssen, Mick Hazelgrove.

cornell.pov – written by Kari Kivisalo.

- A special thanks goes to SourceForge for hosting this project.

Any help and idea is welcome, write me if you are interested to get involved in this project.



JCGrid is developed under LGPL License.